Trading binary options on BitCoin is The Real Thrill

bitcoin binary optionsTrading binary options on BitCoin is The Most Simple Way To invest in BTC

How to invest in Bitcoin with binary options? In this guide, we will consider how to trade binary options on bitcoin. This aspect is very important, but also very overlooked by traders. But what are really the BitCoin?
The BitCoin is the first open source digital currency in the world, created by Satoshi Nakamoto . The main aspect of bitcoins is that there is no central entity that produces them (as is the case for all other currencies of the world).
Therefore, bitcoin is a decentralized currency that can not be controlled by anyone. The bitcoins are generated from a database network, which among other tasks (in addition to the generation of money) also have to keep track of every transaction that takes place within the database via bitcoin network.
In addition, the number of bitcoins that can be generated and can thus circulate in the market is already known: it is exactly 21 million bitcoins. Transactions that take place in bitcoins are completely anonymous and secure, but are still well marked, scoring by the portfolio that can catch and what bitcoin wallet arrive, as well as the amount of the transaction (portfolios that are nothing more than a sequence of numbers here how to remain anonymous).
Bitcoin Quote: Chart Bitcoin value in real time

Trading with bitcoin
Nowadays there are many brokers that allow trading on bitcoin, which are classified as any other asset. In most cases using the CFD trading or binary options, and derivative financial instruments, used to speculate on changes in the value of bitcoins (in other words: you will never go to actually own the bitcoin).
Recall once again to select only the platforms online trading to binary options and CFD ( binary options brokers ) regulated, safe and reliable. Therefore attention to online trading platforms offering you the trading of BitCoin if they are not controlled by any government.
Here you can also choose the best brokers for binary trading with BitCoin, such as 24option that offers the ability to trade binary via the cross currency with the dollar. Usually, the BitCoin is exchanged for a cross bitcoin/dollar (BTC/USD).
However, not all brokers offer the ability to select BitCoin as an asset. Among the online trading platforms that best lend themselves to trading with BitCoin,
Binary trading on BitCoin: how to trade?
Trading on the bitcoin is as simple as trading on any other asset with binary options. In fact, the process of trading does not change and remains the same. You will select the bitcoin com asset to use, and then make your prediction (upward or downward in value), and then select the deadline.
But let us see an example of trading with bitcoins. We will open a binary trading position of Bitcoin and more precisely Usd / BTC .
In this case, we will have two opposing “cross” of currencies:
After selecting the bitcoin as an asset:
we will choose the binary option expires;
establish a direction that we suppose to follow the trend in base also to those who are our strategies, aiming upward or downward relative to the price of the competitor’s currency; therefore we choose to invest call or put:
select an amount to be invested on BitCoin;
we await the conclusion of the option.
So you understand, the trading with BitCoin, we propose another example with broker.
First, as with all brokers, we have to access our account; then we will select the assets with which we want to trade. As a result, we will choose assets “currencies” and therefore will select BitCoin / used.

Next, we choose the amount to be invested on bitcoin, that will set the capital they wish to invest. The system will then calculate in an automatic gain potential. We just have to click buy to finish. Finally, wait for the expiration of the option to withdraw their earnings in case of closed in the money option.

Advantages of trading on BitCoin
Going to examine some of the advantages we have when we choose to trade with binary options on BitCoin.
A chance to save on transactions compared to other online trading methods, which require the payment of a fee for each transaction.
They are a very volatile asset, can then be used mainly for trading in the short term with binary options.
Payout related to bitcoin more than good, the average payout for other currencies.
Great for trading in the short term, given the volatility of Bitcoin.
Binary trading on BitCoin: Concluding opinions
As we said at the beginning of the post, it is not hard to find trading platforms that offer the possibility of trading with binary options on BitCoin. There are also some which are more convenient than others, based on the features that they offer.
The important thing is keeping up with the latest news related to the bitcoin world since they are a very volatile asset and can change its value very quickly. It ‘should also use a good financial chart to follow the fluctuations in the value of bitcoins.