Fisher’s Overnight Speech Paused The Dollar Sell-Off Storm

Fed Vice Chairman Fisher’s overnight speech paused the dollar sell-off storm, the USD stabilized at above 99 benchmark. days of US consumer confidence index Published, the Richmond manufacturing index and merchandise trade deficit data seems beautiful, but the dollar bulls has not got a boost. An investment bank pointed out that, in view of the dollar weak performance in April’s seasonal outlook for the dollar is still not optimistic. However, Fed Vice Chairman’s speech is expected to consolidate further the US will raise interest rates, while around Britain is back in Europe weighed on the European currency uncertainty.

Fed Vice Chairman Fisher said in a television interview seems “reasonable.” that the United States would raise interest this year again.Data showed that US consumer confidence rose to the highest level for over 16 years, the dollar also has a supporting role. US dollar rebounded against most major currencies in midday trading session, earlier today is flat to declining. Late dollar index rose 0.6 percent, to March 1, the biggest one-day percentage gains. In addition, Mizuho Corporate Bank currency strategist Sireen Harajli said the dollar “in the health care bill was withdrawn last Friday, yesterday fell a lot, so after touching a low of Monday there have been some rebound.”