Fed Worries, Crude Oil Team Up to Beat Down Wall Street Keeps Hesitating to Raise Interest rates .

Yesterday Africa and the United States recovered the declines in the day before, the S & P 500 indexes closed up 21.49 points, or 1.05%, reported 2066.66 points. Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 112.73 points, or 0.64%, reported 17716.05 points. The Nasdaq composite index closed up 76.78 points, or 1.59%, reported 4920.71 points. Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Volatility Index (VIX, referred to as the fear index) fell 8.63 percent, reported 14.09. Crude oil: Kuwait in OPEC representatives said Tuesday the meeting this month to limit production even without Iran can come to an agreement. He also said that the major manufacturers are obliged to agree to freeze production, which will limit oil prices weaken. The rebound in oil prices this year is pulled to limit production of the hot market, but at the end of March is expected to limit production in Saudi Arabia is threatened under the influence of rhetoric and Iranian officials, oil prices also will drop from near four-month high. At the 17th meeting of the restricted production is getting closer, so that the latest speech OPEC officials hope to reach an agreement to freeze production rise in oil prices also needs to support this rally again in the next.
USD: Fed released minutes of the meeting in March at two o’clock today, almost all of the content display Fed officials believe that the United States risks to the economy increased downside. Data differences are primarily concentrated in the PCE. Some officials think that this is a stable trend. Other officials think that this tendency is short-lived and unattainable. From empirical data, core inflation PCE (excluding food and transport) continued to rise in the near future. From the Fed’s perspective, a solid core inflation can provide compelling support for the 2% inflation target. Overall downside risks on inflation, because inflation is forecast to decline in the dollar. Inflation is placed in 2018 will be slight below 2% target level. Overall economic growth is facing downside risks, the first half of this year, weaker economic growth, but after slightly accelerated. The overseas economic slowdown may further discourage exports and suppress aggregate demand. The vast majority of overseas officials expect economic growth than expected in December more slowly, there is not any economic growth, officials said the upside risk. Almost all officials believe the prospect of uncertainty means substantially over the past 20 years almost. Today’s data: 19:30 ECB interest rate decision announced in March session of the minutes 20:30 US weekly jobless claims continued operational recommendations: Crude oil: 38.55 pending short, stop 30 points, target 37.8 Canada: 1.3045 pending order to do more, stop 30 points, target 1.32