Credit Agricole Recommends Buying USD Against EUR And JPY

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Date: 20/10/2017
Base currency: United States dollar
Euro (1 EUR)
Pound sterling (1 GBP)
(1 BTC)

A French Credit Agricole Bank analyst wrote on the USD as follows:
The bank pointed out that the dollar is under pressure, mainly due to the gradual rise of the uncertainty regarding Donald Trump’s ability to implement his economic agenda
  From this perspective, the bank believes that even if this uncertainty continues, the dollar’s recent downward is still a correction rather than a change in trend.
The bank noted that the US economic data shows in particularly further improving fundamentals, which will eventually expect lead the Federal Reserve (FED) to raise interest rates,
In other words, the Fed is expected raise of interest rates will limit the level if current USD decline
Therefore, the bank recommends buying USD, especially against the EUR and the JPY.
on March 29, the EUR / US reported 1.0811, USD / GPY 111.21