Confusion In Bond World, As Eurodollar Shorts Hit New Record High Over $3 Trillion We continue to look for the dovish catalyst that may lead to epic carnage among the Eurodollar trader community once this trade begins to move in reverse first gradually, and then quite rapidly.

Merrill Lynch:The Influence Of Article 50 Is Yet To Be Felt

Merrill Lynch released in the foreign exchange research report, the influence of Article 50 is yet to be felt, so the bank does not agree the move will reduce the deterministic argument that the two-year negotiation period will not give the EU bring a sense of urgency, the difficulty faced by capital inflows will not help the pound course.

   Merrill Lynch analysts believe the GBP / USD or bottom of the range and will return to test 1.20 trading range, but is triggered after the first 50 terms of the pound sterling may be able to provide a buying opportunity, investors need to pay close attention to the pound.

  The bank analyst added: “We are still bearish on the pound held attitude, of course, we also recognize that the current level positions will be reversed in the positive seasonal factors after the arrival of April, because of the past 12 years in April will be £ usher in a rebound, but the bottom of the GBP/USD technically is not yet clear. ”

(GBP / USD 4-hour chart)

Goldman: “Our Client Conversations Make It Clear That Investors Fall Into Two Camps”

In the latest weekly kickstart note from David Kostin, the Goldman strategist writes that with the market struggling to readjust its expectations for US government policy following the move away from health care reform, client conversations make clear that investors fall into two camps, and as has been the case everywhere, it all boils down to Trump.

Put it on the VIXX

According to CNBC A mysterious trader known as ’50 Cent’ is betting millions on a volatility spike ?


Why trading on assets when you can trade on the Volatility itself
The volatility of the markets constantly fluctuates and signal the how affirm the market participants are regarding the general direction of the market. Day traders always like high levels of volatility as it brings more trading opportunities and bigger profits. Long-term investors on the other who regard investment in the stock market a substitute to a savings account and just want to sleep well at night hate volatility. The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) is monitoring the S&P 500 index volatility levels using the Vix index.
Few CFD Brokers offer trader to trade CFD on the Vix index with leverage.
This type of trading is generally used by sophisticated traders.


Why ’50 Cent’ is betting millions on a volatility spike

Trade CFD on the VIX
Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) is monitoring the S&P 500 index volatility levels using the Vix index.A number of CFD providers offer futures contracts on the Volatility Index,
Trade on the VIXX (VXX) VIX CFD

CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) Futures. iPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN VXX
Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) is monitoring the S&P 500 index volatility levels using the Vix index.) CFD futures Symbol VIXX
The CBOE Volatility Index – more commonly referred to as “VIX”


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Equity Trading Revenues Continue To Drop

In grim Sign For Banks, Equity Trading Revenues Continue To Drop
As the first quarter wraps up, bankers say the instability in equity trading revenues experienced last year is continuing. That is inciting questions about whether banks should be preparing for a longer-lasting decay in the business, rather than a cyclical decline.

Credit Agricole Recommends Buying USD Against EUR And JPY

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Date: 26/04/2017
Base currency: United States dollar
Euro (1 EUR) 1.0900 USD
Pound sterling (1 GBP) 1.2841 USD
(1 BTC) 1306.3400 USD

A French Credit Agricole Bank analyst wrote on the USD as follows:
The bank pointed out that the dollar is under pressure, mainly due to the gradual rise of the uncertainty regarding Donald Trump’s ability to implement his economic agenda
  From this perspective, the bank believes that even if this uncertainty continues, the dollar’s recent downward is still a correction rather than a change in trend.
The bank noted that the US economic data shows in particularly further improving fundamentals, which will eventually expect lead the Federal Reserve (FED) to raise interest rates,
In other words, the Fed is expected raise of interest rates will limit the level if current USD decline
Therefore, the bank recommends buying USD, especially against the EUR and the JPY.
on March 29, the EUR / US reported 1.0811, USD / GPY 111.21

Fed’s Powell: An Another Interest Rate Hike Is Expected In 2017

Powell also said that when the time comes, it would be appropriate for the Fed to progressively reduce the balance sheet. In other words, when the kinetic energy of the powerful, FOMC will begin to shrink the table. Now, however, the Fed’s decisions on the balance sheet is still too early.

  Powell said the United States is approaching full employment, monetary policy is still moderately easy, but the inflation rate is still slightly low.

  Given the uncertainty, it is difficult to estimate fiscal policy. And fiscal policy space, time and comfortable points are quite uncertain.

  Powell believes FOMC rate hike will not affect the presidential Trump potential infrastructure projects and government financing costs. Meanwhile, the Fed should slowly move to the more neutral policy stance.

Powell supports the recent developments in matters relating to derivatives regulation.