List of The Top Nine UK CFD Brokers 2021


List of The Top 9 UK CFD Brokers of 2021

Latest reviews and ranking of UK’s top CFD brokers. Live4trading’s Expert reviews of the top CFD Trading platforms for UK traders. All CFD Brokers listed here are licensed to operate in the United Kingdom.
Best UK cfd Brokers

-3.9325663290e-1   4.4051821420e-1 -2.7364004110e-1 -1.4713457640e+0  4.9676956780e-1  -8.3369728730e-1 1.8623611050e+0   6.2412729560e-4
 9.3292966880e-1   7.3996717750e-1 -3.0141845150e-1 -1.4250657080e+0  2.0788759500e-1   8.1810246260e-1 -1.7249499630e+0   1.8656446180e-1
-1.1793645540e+0   1.0011799210e+0 -6.6711596240e-1 -1.0745872300e+0  1.2274436200e+0  -1.6449657250e-1 6.6729312120e-1   2.9957703730e+0
 8.0812903590e-1   1.4756235310e+0
 1.6724015040e+0  -3.7433519170e-1
 1.0631619970e+0   2.9542110570e+0
 9.2868699960e-1   3.6936088340e-2
 2.2504845190e-1  -3.7366319840e-3
 1.9216032860e-1   2.2165878830e-1
 4.9514111330e-1   2.0966150920e+0
 1.4638373140e+0   1.6133944570e+0
 8.8700696870e-1  -1.5476085800e+0
-3.2130186430e-1  -1.0530800550e+0


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