• NY Fed: “Oil Prices Fell Due To Weakening Demand”

    “A decline in demand expectations together with a decreasing residual drove oil prices down over the past week.” – NY Fed Oil ends lower as crude producers fail to ease global supply angst MarketWatch- Global pact to limit oil supply likely to extend, but demand increase … CNBC OPEC Anxiety Is Pushing Oil Prices Down […]

  • Trading CFD on indices

    The advantages of trading CFDs on indicators – CFD trading on in all key indices/indicators Take advantage of the opportunity to trade a wide range of stock market indicators traded as contracts and differences so that these agreements move by fluctuations and changes that massive global stock markets are taking affected. Among the major indices: […]

  • Gold Price Rose 1% Breaking the 1260 Resistance

    Gold rose 1% breaking 1260 Resistance as US stocks fell in tandem with the USD – Monday (March 27) early New York trading, spot gold rose 1%, breaking the 1260 US resistance, a one-month record high of $ 1261.11 / ounce, as Trump’s health reform fails dollar US stocks fell in tandem, triggering the gold […]

  • Max Keiser discuss the trail of ‘American carnage’

    In his show, “Keiser Report” Max Keiser discuss the trail of ‘American carnage’ and how it led to a Trump presidency. In the second half of this video, Max Keiser discuss the OxyCartel pushing millions of prescription pills on small towns across the USA. Episode [KR1049] Read more at http://www.maxkeiser.com/#yxfMB4UgHHYly12r.99

  • The EU Demands $92 Billion Brexit Bills from The UK

    The EU Commission has repeatedly insisted that the United Kingdom have to pay huge bills before it can leave the EU, the British government has previously rejected this demand several times;   Friday (March 24), The European Commission told the BBC that Britain can not “pretend” has never belonged to the European Union. Juncker said that […]

  • “Make America great again” Or “Make The USD Weak Again” ?

    Does Donald Trump’s Slogan “Make America great again” actually means “Make The USD Weak Again”? MarketWatch columnist Brett Arends wrote that if US President Donald Trump really wants to “make America great again,” he would first have to “let the dollar become weak again” Mathew Klody from MCN Capital Management hedge fund published this view […]

  • Stock Market Slips following The Fed’s Warning Of Growing Uncertainty

     Fed’s Evans statement that he “sees more upside possibility in uncertainty”, has ignited a wave of selling in stocks. “This is a challenging time period to all of a sudden have a big injection of positive fiscal policy expansion because we are pretty close to full employment. We might be at full employment,”

  • CBOE’s Skewness Index Reached A Record High

    ZeroHedge noticed that although VIX declined last week, the premiums on hedging against major market fluctuation spiked above its prior Brexit-vote-day peak, reaching a new all-time high. The CBOE SKEW Index SKEW is derived from the price of S&P 500 tail risk. Similar to VIX index, the price of S&P 500 tail risk is calculated from […]

  • Trading binary options on BitCoin is The Real Thrill

    Trading binary options on BitCoin is The Most Simple Way To invest in BTC How to invest in Bitcoin with binary options? In this guide, we will consider how to trade binary options on bitcoin. This aspect is very important, but also very overlooked by traders. But what are really the BitCoin? Trading-binary-options-bitcoin The BitCoin […]

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